Florida, East & West

Today marks a full month that “Sylestial Star” has been in The City Marina in Fort Pierce, Florida. During that time, we or just Sylvia, have regularly been making the 3+ hour trip cross state drive to visit with Sylvia's 90 year old Mother in Fort Myers on the west coast. So I guess you could say we are “bi-coastal”.

Who invited the Big Bird to the convention?


We were able to combine one of our west coast visits with a 2 night stay with our friends Brian and Marj in their lovely new home in Sarasota. As always when we get together, we had a great time. While we were there, Brian and Marj hosted a Super Bowl party for 16, fellow Corinthians all, who have migrated to south Florida as either new homeowners, renters, guests or snowbirds. So many of us are now here or nearby, that there is semi-serious talk of adding a 6th Corinthian fleet. It was great to get together with so many friends far from home!

16 Corinthians enjoying Super Bowl Sunday.



How can you not love Sophie, Julian and Jill's new golden?

So, for now, our 2016 Bahamas plans are on hold. We will miss adventuring on the other side of the Gulf Stream with Mike and Bejay but this year it looks like we will be confining our adventures to the coast of Florida.

The Sunrise Theater is a landmark in downtown Fort Pierce.


When in Fort Pierce we have worked on several boat projects. Bellow you can see a failed and broken pin used to support a gas controlled strut that supports our companionway steps when raised. Replacement parts arrive tomorrow from the OEM and Beneteau. We will buy new fasteners here and install the assembly while hoping that all parts fit our 10 year old boat.

The failed pin is to the right, bracket to the left and strut below.


Here is what it should look like when assembled.


Post Hurricane, $40 million has been spent to build artificial islands and other features to protect fro flooding.


Some Weather arriving.

Who knew that the National Navy Seal and UDT(Unerwater Demolition Team) was in Fort Pierce, Florida? We did not but were excited to visit it the other day. It seems that UDT training for storming enemy beaches during the Second World War was conducted here. And UDT morphed into the Navy Seals during the Vietnam War. So it was decided to build this terrific museum in Fort Pierce. While we were there a class of newly minted Navy Petty Officers were also touring the museum. Watching their reactions to the various exhibits was pretty interesting!

Following are some pictures from the museum.

You've got to love the baseball cap below. It was sold in the Museum Store.


Sylvia beside a Quick Insertion boat.



The Trident is proudly worn by all Navy Seals.


The Lifeboat from the Captain Phillips raid.


So many don't make it.


Some Navy Seal weapons with descriptions below.


Their stories are amazing.


A Navy Seal who is also an Astronaut. Wow!


A Navy Seal Cap.


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