Exploring Fort Pierce

An advantage of being located here in Fort Pierce is the nearby class “A” inlet. We took advantage of that today and made the half hour run to the Atlantic for a day of sailing. As the currents are very strong both here in the marina and at the inlet, one must time departure and return for slack current so as to avoid any difficulties. Just yesterday two boats ran aground leaving the marina and a third completely lost control and crashed into another docked boat – resulting in a visit from the Marine Police.

We had no difficulty and enjoyed 6 hours of off-shore sailing in NNE winds at 15kts, changing to E later in the day. Sea state started at 2 to 4 feet, laying down as the day progressed. Not sure why, but “Sylestial Star” was the only sailboat in sight all day.

The Admiral enjoying a beam reach

While we remain in Fort Pierce we have continued to explore the area. We attended the Grand Opening of a new Art Gallery, owned by Lisa Jill Allison, who is a friend of our friend Kari McCoy. Kari lives in nearby Port St. Lucie.

Spending some time with the artist.

We visited the nearby “Heathcote Gardens”, home of the largest publicly owned Bonsai collection in the country.

Just about any plant can be a Bonsai.

Some are trained for many decades.

Such beautiful artwork!

Quiet places to sit and relax.

Not on your life!

The aptly named Monkey No Climb tree.

We visited Fort Pierce City Hall to view a collection of paintings by the “Highwaymen”. So named, as they were black artists who painted and sold their paintings along highways in the old segregated south.

Some of the Highway Men artwork.

Every Saturday Fort Pierce plays host to Florida's largest Outdoor Food Market and Craft Bazaar. The Festival, held along the city's pretty waterfront, was enhanced this week with the “Cracker Riders” who spent 8 days crossing the state on horseback and then mingled with the crowd. There was a bluegrass band at one end of the Festival, a rock band with dancing at the other end and plenty of open air Tiki Bar dining and munching around the tents. Pretty Cool!

Horses, Boats and a Blue Sky.

Lots to choose from under blue skys.

At the Fort Pierce Farmers Market.

Part of our daily Walking Trail.

Waiting patiently for lunch.

Enjoying some ice cream with Mike and Bejay.


One thought on “Exploring Fort Pierce

  1. Barbara Howe

    Lovely pics! Nice combo…art museums and sailing! Down end is readying CSV for Spring but we aren’t finished with the cold yet.



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